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Monique is a wonderful guide! I loved the whole tour, and she told us the most wonderful facts. I mean I saw my self as a “okay” big HP fan, but I’m definitely not a death eater, just full blood 😉 the tour even has its own little house cup! Simply amazing! Full respect and love for her Harry wisdom from Denmark 🇩🇰🇩🇰
Highly recommend this tour. Our guide Monique was brilliant. She was able to give us so much information about Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling but also about Edinburgh itself in a really engaging way. Myself and my 11 year old thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you Monique
I did this tour with my 9 year old daughter and we absolutely loved it!
Our tour guide was Monique and she was absolutely fantastic. She managed to create a tour which was engaging for both adults and children. She really brought the group together and got us chatting about all things Harry Potter on a very cold Edinburgh day.
She has great knowledge of Edinburgh and, more importantly, of all things Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling!
Very informative and lots of fun. Would thoroughly recommend.
Monique was excellent. She was energetic, sweet, patient, and an incredibly knowledgeable and loyal Harry Potter fan. I especially enjoyed the bits of local history peppered throughout the tour, as well as the House-sorting and trivia competition. I would recommend this tour to anyone, especially if Monique is leading. 50 points to Hufflepuff! 🙂
Excellent tour, learned a lot from Monique – she really knows her stuff! Would recommend to anyone who doesn’t mind a little walking
Kristel was such a fun guide and really made the books come to life with quizzes and wands. Brilliant tour!
The tour was lovely and you get to discover an alternative London. The Maltese tour guide was absolutely amazing. Thank you
It was an amazing experience! We get to know several hidden places in London, places that inspired the books/movies, and several fun/interesting facts about Harry Potter.
Our guide, Riccardo, was really nice, fun and smart. He gave us many informations regarding the making of Harry Potter, as well as some facts I didn’t know regarding J.K. Rowling’s and the Harry Potter world.
Other than that, the interactive game where he asked questions about the movie and we won points for out houses made everything more fun and interesting.
Definitely worth it, specially if you’re a real fan!
Gabriel gave us a fabulous overview of London and the scenes filmed in Harry Potter. Lots of easy walking, 2 rides on the tube, and interactive quizzes.
Our 8-year-old granddaughter loved it! She loved everything about the tour. Our tour was about the movie scenes from in London and it made such a connection with our granddaughter that she enjoyed everything in London after that. We highly recommend it.
Our guide Perla was great. Her enthusiasm made it a tour that was worth wile. It’s is a nice way to see potter but also Londen spots!
Paid for a day trip for my birthday with a friend and this was worth its money. Tour guide was funny and friendly, knowledgable and helpful. Was great fun, didn’t realise how fast the time had gone. Not a boring moment. Would definitely go again!
On our last day in London, we found this tour through London and really enjoyed the places that our tour guide Natalie showed us.
Especially Nocturne Alley and the street with the magic book shop have been worth it. Also it’s been really cool to finally get the connections between movie an the real places where Harry Potter scenes have been shot. Thanks Natalie! It was a blast 😉

Join The London Cheese Crawl for two and a half hours of non-stop cheese: from swanky blue cheese and gooey grilled cheeses, to cheesy jokes and interactive cheese-themed quizzes and competitions. They’ve Caerphilly conducted the best route, so you’re in very Gouda hands. Plus, with masks required to take part in the tour, and guides using social distancing tools to keep everyone at a safe distance from one another, you’ll be in safe hands during your cheese-fuelled romp around town.


See Your City offer fascinating and entertaining tours in five languages (English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish). And they’re not your standard tours either; fully interactive, and filled with quizzes and re-enactments, these entertaining wanders are a brilliant day out for all. Oh, and all these tours have been given the “good to go” certification by Visit England, meaning you’ll be in safe, sanitised hands throughout the walk. So, let’s dive into what’s on offer!

See Your City’s inventive events are led by a charismatic cadre of comedians and actors, who take you down haunted alleyways, feed you Mayfair’s finest blue cheese, and invite you to explore the mystery of Jack the Ripper (though not all at once!)

The guide was excellent,a great character and sense of humor.
He new his facts and explained everything with great humor, and we never
A great guide with a thorough knowledge of the subject.He had a great sense of humor, and was a real character. Being a real cockney and knowing the facts I really appreciated th tour.
Would recommend to anyone.
I took my mum and dad on the Jack The Ripper tour, and they loved it (having been slightly sceptical). The guide was incredibly well-informed and managed to avoid being too ghoulish with the details. A good way to see the East End too, highly recommended.
My partner took me on a Jack the Ripper tour for our anniversary, I have been on several other JTR tours and was hoping for a fresh angle. The tour guide was great fun and explained the story in a way that was entertaining but not exploitative. The tour was very atmospheric and despite considering myself an expert I learned a thing or two about my favourite true crime case! Would definitely recommend to any budding Ripperologists.
My friend and I had such a great time on this tour. The tour leader was very informative and was very vibrant in her position. She took us to quite a few places and we were able to taste very nice wine and cheese. She played a quiz game with everyone throughout the tour which was a lot of fun. I highly recommend this tour
My daughter and zi really enjoyed this trip around various cheese emporia around central London. Each one told a different story and each had examples of delicious cheese. I would recommend this to anyone who has a love of cheese and a desire to learn something esoteric about London
Our group was 16, a variety of ages, mostly couples. Monterey Jack was our tour guide. The group was small enough to hear all of the stories of the shops, and London locations. All of the cheeses were fabulous, the walk never felt hurried or rushed in the stops
I booked this for an activity with the girls and we all loved it. Tried very different cheeses we would not have tried before and were taken to specialists cheese shops we would have never known about. Our guide Jack made the tour very interesting and amusing adding in historical information also. It would have been nice to have a sheet at the end with all the shops and cheeses we tasted as we’d forgotten by the end but its not an essential. Prosecco was very tasty too. Would definitely recommend even if you are not a total cheese fanatic like myself.
Perfect Saturday afternoon thing to do. Jac was our tour guide and you walk through parts of London you would otherwise miss. There are quizzes, jokes, cheese and prosecco. What more could you ask for.
Each stop had a different cheese and there was also chances to buy artisan cheeses as you go. Amazingly we didn’t need lunch!
We had a fantastic group, about 15 of us. You can hear everything being said. You eat the cheese outside most of the shops, but if you see the size of some of the places, it’s easy to see why.
We loved this and had a perfect Saturday
Fantastic afternoon!! Jack was very funny and knowledgeable, would highly recommend this tour. Very reasonably priced too!!
We booked through the activity superstore and unfortunately they didn’t pass on the information that my niece was gluten free 😔 however Jack went above and beyond to buy her some bread so that she could enjoy the experience the same as the rest of us.
Brilliant afternoon!!
Our guide was lovely, she was entertaining and knowledgable. We were to some mainstream and lesser known shops. Great value for money and so many samples to try.
I bought tickets as a Christmas present and it was so worth it. Perl was out tour guide and she was brilliant very knowledgable and fun. We tried a number of different cheeses and visited places I would never of even known about. Generous on the amount you try and really lovely day out. Would recommend to all and would absolutely do it again!
Really great value – you are quite full at the end. Our guide Sophia was fantastic – would definitely recommend this to any cheese lovers.
Our guide Nick was great, the tour was fun, informative and very tasty. Loved the visits to each of the different cheese places, loved all the cheeses and just really enjoyed the 2+ hours walking tour round London. Would definitely recommend.
We’ve just done the London cheese tour. Our guide, Perla, was excellent. Really informative with some surprising facts about London thrown in. Would definitely recommend the drunken cheese!
Jack was fantastic! Really enjoyed this experience. I have done the London tour already but the Bristol tour was brilliant. I actually had no idea it was that “foodie”
Really enjoyed, as did my mother
Had such a brilliant time on this tour – we sampled some amazing cheeses (I was even convinced I didn’t like Stilton until I have the creamy one from Paxton & Whitfield which was delicious!!) learnt so much about the making of cheese, and got to explore some lovely historical parts of London, all whilst sampling some lovely cheese and Prosecco. Nick was our guide and he was brilliant – really knowledgable and friendly. We had a great day out – highly recommended! Also really appreciated the safely measurements taken during COVID – thank you so much!
The tour was wonderful and Perla was a really great tour guide. She went out of her way to make sure everyone had a great experience and even took care of our little pup! Thanks so much Perla! The cheese was delicious and we learnt a lot about the old shops in London, the process of making cheese and most of all the cheese we tried was delicious!!!!! Highly recommend!
I live in London and so it was a great opportunity to explore the city during these times.
The COVID-19 safety precautions were very good as well, everyone wore masks at each stop and we were provided with a disposable glove to handle the different cheeses at each stop.
I’d absolutely recommend this tour to anyone thinking of doing something a bit different in London, and our tour guide Nick was super helpful and knowledgeable about what he was talking about.
Also get your cheese puns ready – you get points for them on the way round!
id heard good things about this on facebook but didnt know what to expect actually.
it was great! I thought i know sydney well but I learned a lot of new stuff. The guide natalie was great it wasnt scary it was really intersting. I definately think people should go its very cheap too!
I did the ghost boat tour over the weekend and it exceeded expectations – i went with a group of friends from uni and we had time to catch up over a glass of wine on the boat which offered stunning views of london. We learned about some crazy hauntings – from London’s most haunted house to a ghost bear. The guide hung around to give directions at the end to help us find a cool pub nearby, and the business tarot cards were a lovely touch!
Took this tour with a very knowledgeable guide Tom, he made the tour very interesting and held our interest and our 10 year old daughters interest throughout! We loved his little jokes and We came away with lots of spooky stories!
We did the 2nd Feb ghost tour and had a great time; our guide Tom was really knowledgeable and passionate. I’ve lived in London for nearly nine years now, and still discovered plenty of things about St James’s and the Tower that I didn’t know. Thoroughly recommended!
We loved this tour. It was funny, we went to locations in London that we wouldn’t have otherwise. It was a bright sunny evening so not really scary for ghost stories but more a lovely walk, which suited me 👻. Nice end to the tour with going on a boat and seeing some of the sights with an ending at Tower of London.
Lovely tour guide who was funny and informative
This tour was tons of fun! The tour guide John was excellent. He answered all my questions, learned what we liked, and made sure to include information we wanted to know in the tour. He has a great and personable demeanor and made sure to get to know each of us on the tour. Very interesting stops with fun, spooky, and interesting information. Highly recommend.
I had a lot of fun during my tour! John, who was my tour guide, did an amazing job. He was professional and super likable. He was super knowledgeable and was able to answer all the questions that I came up with. All the stops were fascinating and interesting to learn about. I highly recommend it and would do it again.
Booked the tour with John specifically after we had such a nice time with him from the Harry Potter tour. Another lovely stroll through London only at night its way creepier. We saw all sorts of sights and being able to go down the Thames at night was really great. Highly recommend. John was a great guide and London has a great spooky history
Went on the tour on Saturday had a great time!
Tom was very enthusiastic and a great host.
The view of London on the river cruise was amazing!
We had an amazing time walking through London’s spooky sights at night. Our tour guide John was absolutely amazing. He was super kind and funny. He met us stop for photos whenever we wanted and even took one of me and my husband without us asking. He really knew a ton about the area‘s history and even good activities for after the tour was done. 10/10!
31.10.2019 Halloween tour 🎃👻
Our tour guide, John, was FABULOUS! We had LOTS of London excitement on our Halloween evening tour. The walk is long but not hard. (Mischievous young men shot bottle rickets at people – we were the last victims – then the police arrested them. Thankfully!)
We lost one of our party members because she got distracted by London police activity & John had the group WAIT UNTIL WE WERE ALL TOGETHER AGAIN. He was GREAT!!
The stories were good, a few of the details were jumbled but it was still a very good tour starting in Green Park & ending at the Tower of London.!
Worth your time & £; available in English & German. 😁 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 👻

Well, what can I say? I had this trip as a Christmas present and really enjoyed myself.

Had a bit of trouble finding the Statue to meet, but that was a third party’s fault for poor information given. I’d racked up some steps and was happy to rack up some more! Tom was engaging, He had the right amount of enthusiasm, and he was good to listen to. Whilst walking between area, he kept a good eye on people, counting often (I’m a people watcher!) and also was nice that Tom was willing to chat to us whilst walking to the next destination.

The boat taxi was pleasant and the chat around the tower great. It was a fab night and for the cost, no one should complain.

I advise flat shoes (someone was wearing heels which by the end of the walk, had done her feet in). It was the right length of time, humour, information. Well done Tom for keeping the mood up on a pretty chilly night.

I heard about the cheese tour…. why have I not heard about this before?!! Cheeeseeee….. this I hope to be my next trip. Thanks Team

this tour was so much fun, and all of the the ghost stories were told really well by our tour leader, john. he was very enthusiastic and engaging, especially since there were only four people on the tour. the boat ride was also great, the views were all along the thames were amazing. would highly recommend this tour!!
Awesome tour, great stories, great locations! Our tour guide, John was fantastic and informative! Would recommend to people visiting London!
My friend and I did this ghost walk tour and really love and enjoy this tour. The stories that our tour guide John told us was amazing, stories that we did not know about England or the haunted places that John our tour guide took us was incredible. If we had to do this tour again we would do it again and especially with the tour guide that we had, John he was awesome !!!
Our tour guide was really funny and lovely! He made us laugh and he was great at storytelling. He was also lovely to just chat to in general on the boat. Such a nice guy. The walk was good fun and the Thames trip just made it that extra bit cool. The only thing I’d say is that it’s not very scary, it’s more funny scary, so if you’re looking for a really chilling tour, then this one may not be for you. That is the only thing I can fault it on though, everything else was great!

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