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We did the Custody Suite experience and it was great. Organised, well acted and entertaining; we have done a few of these type of experiences with other companies and this has been by far the best. Me, along with my 12 and 19 year old daughters did it, so it covers a good age range and is definitely something you can do as a family for a weekend treat during lockdown.
The custody suit was an excellent interactive online experience. It was very engaging and at 60 minutes it was a perfect length.

The Custody Suite Online Experience is perhaps one of the most fun evenings I have had in lockdown.  It’s interactive, fun, reflects a real-life experience and there is even a prize for the Best Detective.  I imagine there will be plenty of applications to the police force in due course…


See Your City, who run wonderfully informative walking tours of London during more normal times, have taken some of their best-loved tours online, and are now running virtual tours of the city and beyond. And you can do them all without leaving your bed!

…your chance has arrived with the online jury experience 12 Angry Guests, a gripping virtual game that invites you to weigh the evidence, listen to eyewitness statements, and decide whether a man is guilty of the murder he’s been accused of….

…The merry mayhem of this murder mystery offers you the chance to solve a crime at the strangest, most outlandish zoo you’ve ever visited. Exotic animals, drugs, and now an arson attack at Wynnewood County’s new zoo are making life very interesting indeed, and suspicion is falling heavy on a wild bunch of characters – including a mysterious cult leader, a tattered country music star, and a curious documentary maker….

Great fun and a chance to play along with those we can’t meet face to face at the moment in lockdown. Will do again.
This was a 90-minute murder mystery on Zoom. It was well-written and entertaining – great way of spending an evening during lockdown!
What a wonderful experience!! Making my lockdown experience so fun!! Great characters that play out a murder scenario with you ( via zoom ) as the investigator! Dress up , or not, bring drinks and snacks and make plenty of notes! Opportunities for some great interaction with the characters in real time. Wonderful value for money! Will certainly be doing more online experiences like this and when lockdown is over will most certainly by doing it in real life!! Thank you Ferry and your team!
Keeping entertained during lockdown can be a bit hard to find, but if you do this tour I promise it’s an hour well spent. The acting was fantastic. Kept us gripped and entertained from the intro (which was cleverly done) to the big reveal….. 10/10 would recommend
My fiancé and I had a brilliant evening participating in the big cat murder mystery. The organisers communicated with us effectively to ensure that the online event ran smoothly and we absolutely loved the characters we were introduced to throughout the experience. Extra points as we successfully cracked the case! Thanks for another fantastic event to help us get through lockdown 😊
First time trying out something like this! It was so much fun! Incredibly professional, funny, slick and entertaining. Well worth the money to try something new. The characters were really good & investigating the culprit was a fun task! I would definitely recommend this if you’re wanting a change on a Friday/Saturday, for those who are a little nervous you can participate as much or as little as you like! Thanks to all the actors you really made the experience fun! Cheers!
A group of us brought tickets for this event. Was really not sure what to expect but it was great fun and excellent value for money. The actors played there parts brilliantly.Would definitely recommend
Great fun.. quirky suspects and a sheriff who keeps it all ticking over nicely .. very entertaining 1 1/2 . Get to interact or not your choice
Booked a private event for 15 friends and we had a great night. This is our second virtual event with See Your City and can’t wait for the next one.
Such a great experience fir the online Tiger King murder mystery. Everyone threw themselves into their characters, quick to think on their feet, and a great mix of detective work and comical moments. Cant recommended highly enough.
We did the Tiger King online Murder Mystery and it was absolutely amazing!
The sheriff and the other actors were incredibly good at what they do and the story was captivating, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Would highly recommend
This was our first time doing an online murder mystery and this was based on ‘Tiger King’. Absolutely LOVED this! As we are stuck indoors I wasn’t sure how this would work, but it was so much fun and hugely entertaining. The actors were brilliant and we thoroughly enjoyed helping the sheriff question the suspects and work out who did it. I highly recommend this as a great way to spend an evening.
This was an excellent virtual tour of some of locations for Shakespeare’s Italian plays, which was both informative and entertaining. ‘Visiting’ Venice, Rome, Padua, Verona and Sicily we learnt many interesting facts about the places which inspired and featured in some of Shakespeare’s best known plays. I would recommend this tour not just to fans of Shakespeare but to anyone needing a trip to some of the most beautiful places in Italy.
Perla was amazing. I have never heard the theory of the Italian Shakespeare. My mom and I learned so much! Cant wait to do another Virtual tour. Definitely recommend this tour with Perla. She was so enthusiastic!
I took part in the Shakespeare’s Italy virtual tour. Our guide was really knowledgable on both Shakespeare’s plays and the places they were set in. Her passion shone through for both her love of the plays and of her beautiful country.
The little quiz questions throughout the tour were great as well
Thoroughly enjoyed it all
Just enjoyed the Shakespeare’s Italy Virtual Tour! Really interesting and good fun. The host was very knowledgeable and very inclusive of all visitors on the tour. £5 well spent!
Had an excellent time learning more about the dark secrets of Scotland. I joined wanting to hear stories about witchcraft and now have two more pubs to visit next time I am in Edinburgh. The other stories were very interesting and I didn’t realise there is more to Deacon Brodie than I first thought. Thank you Jenny for being a fantastic guide 🙂
Very good. The interactive tour guide was very good. I enjoyed the carnivorous cave dwellers tale. We look forward to doing this tour in person once things get back to some sort of normality.
Very knowledgeable and entertaining! Jenny was very engaging and we thought the stories were very interesting. Thank you for the trip to Scotland from our London flat
Excellent tour. Jenny did a wonderful job. Strongly recommend! Some great stories and history about beautiful Scotland.
Amazing virtual tour, really informative and would highly recommend. Full of facts and visuals. Jenny was a delight and was always available to take questions from others in the tour
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This virtual tour was a fantastic way to escape your home during covid! Our tour guide Jenny was engaging and funny throughout the event. The stories, pictures and ‘walk’ through town made me excited for the day when we can once again travel
Great tour with Jenny. Really friendly and very knowledgeable. Would recommend the tour to anyone with an interest in Edinburgh’s dark side.
Great evening wit host Lula tonight on the Jack the Ripper Tour. Really interesting and informative and very well done. Thanks so much, will definitely try out other tours
Fantastic host Anna took us through a really entertaining tour of this difficult subject. Totally recommend this for a distanced group night out!
Absolutely fantastic. I wasn’t sure how it would work on Zoom but it was a great way to spend a Saturday evening. I loved the quiz as well.
We didn’t realise it would be real-time vs. pre-recorded. We loved how interactive it was. My daughter and I watched together and from now, these virtual tours will become a regular Saturday evening experience. Thank you from Tracey & Kai (Cape Town, South Africa)
We did the Jack The Ripper virtual tour with Anna – really enjoyed it. She knows her stuff, and kept it fun!
My boyfriend and I watched The Virtual Jack the Ripper tour yesterday and it was fantastic! Very informative, and the guide Anna had great delivery and was very engaging and had loads of extra knowledge about other serial killers. She interacted with customers throughout the tour and kept us engaged with a fun quiz and the winner got a prize! I really could not stomach the photos of the victims though!
Brilliant tour, completely gruesome – highly recommend!
I enjoyed the questions, a much more interactive experience than I thought. Great way to spend an evening during lockdown!
Very informative and fun to do quiz questions along the way. Anna was enthusiastic and an engaging guide. Totally recommend
Guide was great , loads of interesting facts but fun too. Read out comments and so felt included and part of a group.
Just completed the virtual lockdown version of the tour. John was really knowledgable and brought to life the stories which kept me entertained throughout.
Definitely recommended
Great virtual tour by John, really entertaining. Really informative hour. Fab virtual ghost tour of London
Lula was an amazing guide. The tour was really fun and interesting. Even though it was on Zoom it felt so immediate and as if we were there. Can’t reccomend it enough. Great for tourists and locals
This is so awesome! And so wonderful for entertainment and connecting virtually during these times! It’s interactive as you get to go head to head with the witnesses and suspect, you are a part of the show! Something fun to do with your friends too if you all sign up for the same show!! Will definitely be back to check out the other shows and events! Thank you cast and crew of See Your City!
Absolutely brilliant. Really enjoyed it. Officer Kip our host and all the actors and actresses were amazing. Would highly recommend
20 of us took part in this as a private booking as a “work social” – it was excellent. Really well acted, put together, and the characters ensure the attendees all play a part.
See your city are great!
I took part in this experience tonight. It sounded like something fun to do in a time when there’s not much to do in regards to entertainment. I love theatre and immersive theatre, so I decided to give this a go. I was not disappointed….(more)
Absolutely brilliant and the guy who played officer kip was fantastic. A good laugh on a sunday night and would definitely recommend.
Very fun evening and well organised. Officer Kip kept his cool whilst being repeatedly accused of committing the murder himself….. amazing wit and input from other zoom participants resulting in a very entertaining evening. Keep up the great work guys.
Great fun. Well organised and presented. Not only did we see the evidence, hear witnesses, we had chance to cross examine and vote on our decision. More please.
My autistic son attended this event as he is very keen on murder mysteries and crime drama
He said it was the best online event he had ever attended and would give it 10/10… (more)
Great experience anf fantastic idea especially now during lockdown when we cannot participate in person

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