Twilight Zoom




60 mins



You are now entering the Twilight Zoom

This is a network as vast as the known universe. It is the mid point between lightness and shadow, science and superstitions. This is the network of the unknown, it is a medium we call the Twilight Zoom.

Breaking News

Yesterday evening there was a blackout – the whole of London went dark for one hour. It was like a solar eclipse. Scientists suspect this was the work of an alien nation, who used the blackout to steal into Earth under cover of darkness. They have pinpointed the alien attack to have originated in Greenwich park at the planetarium.

As you would expect, the aliens have knowledge of space and beyond far in excess of our own, but are not so well versed on matters of the Earth itself. They are believed to smell faintly of wet dog, yet they are not able to detect their own from sight or smell alone. For this reason, the aliens have developed a signal to help identify themselves to one another – although what form this signal takes has not yet been discovered.

Can you help?!

We need you and your friends help to crack the case here, we need to find out which of these individuals simply does not belong.

What we need from you!

  • Interrogate the suspects
  • Use your quick wit to seek out the odd ones out
  • Save the world
  • You have one hour

Other key facts & info:

Price: £10.00
60 minutes
Time: The event will last 60 minutes. It will take place every Saturday evening at 6pm.

Minimum age: 10 is recommended, although ultimately it is up to the parent or guardian.

Group sizes: 25 maximum

What to bring: Simply show up with an open mind!

Next steps:

Once you’re booked in, you’ll receive an email with a Zoom link. Make sure you download the Zoom app in advance. Simply select your tour and language and wait for the show to begin! If you have any questions about our Twilight Zoom, feel free to drop us a line at any time via email or Facebook, or give us a ring. 

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