The Custody Suite




60 mins



Solve the case in our interactive theatre show

Welcome to the force, coming up is your first live case, so don’t mess it up! Joseph Eastman, 36 was brought into custody at 2:30am this morning from his house in Chislehurst,  in connection with a recent blackmail case.  We have reason to suspect Mr Willoughby had motive to commit this crime, and have found several pieces of video and digital evidence to back this up.  As you know, we’ve got 24 hours to convict him of this offence. 

We did the Custody Suite experience and it was great. Organised, well acted and entertaining; we have done a few of these type of experiences with other companies and this has been by far the best. Me, along with my 12 and 19 year old daughters did it, so it covers a good age range and is definitely something you can do as a family for a weekend treat during lockdown.
The custody suit was an excellent interactive online experience. It was very engaging and at 60 minutes it was a perfect length.

The Custody Suite Online Experience is perhaps one of the most fun evenings I have had in lockdown.  It’s interactive, fun, reflects a real-life experience and there is even a prize for the Best Detective.  I imagine there will be plenty of applications to the police force in due course…


I will be bringing evidence to the custody suite as soon as it hits my desk, so work with what you’ve got.  And don’t let him fool you.  This is a blackmail case, after all, so he will be trying to twist your story too.  You’ll be split up into teams, to tackle this one, so best of luck.  Some of you might try the old good cop routine, some, bad cop, that’s fine by me, but remember this isn’t Los Angeles, it’s South East London.  Just get the case cracked, don’t force a confession out of him though, we’re in trouble enough for that already. If you nail this one, you’ll be joining me in my department on the next case, maybe you’ll even get a promotion!

Your detective duties in our virtual true crime event: 

  • Cross examine the suspect LIVE
  • Dissect the evidence, including cctv footage
  • Discuss and deliberate your decision with fellow detectives
  • Come to a unanimous verdict as a group

Other key facts & info:

Price: £10.00
70 minutes
Time: Our virtual true crime mystery evening takes places at 7pm every week. Alternatively, if you’d like to book a private party for a time that suits you, simply get in contact.
Minimum age: 
12 is recommended, although ultimately it is up to the parent or guardian.

Group sizes: 30 maximum

Cancellations: If for any reason you want to cancel your ticket, please do so up to 24 hours beforehand for a full refund. 

What to bring: Simply show up with a curious mind! A VR kit is not necessary, although you may want a notepad and pen to jot down any potential clues.

Next steps:

Once you’re booked in, you’ll receive an email with a Zoom link. Make sure you download the Zoom app in advance. Simply select your tour and language and wait for the show to begin! If you have any questions about our virtual ghost tour of London, feel free to drop us a line at any time via email or Facebook, or give us a ring. 

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