The Coffee Crawl




120 mins



Take a fantastic coffee tour of London, to learn and experience the history and taste of London’s finest java!

The last 10 years have seen a proliferation of quality coffee shops in London. These new establishments are certainly a step above the sterile clones that plague our high streets and whose lack of atmosphere, service and coffee, leave a bitter taste in the mouths of visitors.

London is quick becoming a city of coffee snobs and it’s about time. For centuries Londoners have burnt, smothered and ignored this magical bean, but all it takes is a little tender loving care in order to extract its true character notes.

That’s exactly what these new, hip hangouts are focusing on: the art and science of coffee. From sourcing and roasting their own beans, to experimenting with different brewing processes, to training baristas who like to think their art degree hasn’t gone to waste by adorning your beverage with hearts, ferns and swans. Join this tour to explore this emerging subculture!

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