CBD : The Edible Experience (for 2)


£35.00 (for 2)


60 mins



Not Suitable for


Lots of CBD goodies, and a fascinating talk!

You’ll be sent a generous box of high quality and effective CBD products. Patches, capsules and even tasty fizzy drinks. Your host will talk you through them and their effects while you tuck in online.

Learn about the history, benefits, and numerous uses of the most natural medical aid known to man.
We’ll send you a bumper pack of CBD goodies, and talk you through them.
Not suitable for the pregnant.

CBD has been in use for nearly 12 thousand years, for hundred of different reasons.  Since then it’s been illegal to not grow it, then illegal to possess it, now science says it can assist in many of the world’s medical ailments.

Really interesting talk, taking in the history and science of CBD, with information on various uses, and full instructions on how to take the products, including dosages. The difference between CBD and THC was fully explained. Fez was a great host, likeable, engaging and
We found this CBD experience excellent. Ferry’s knowledge on the topic was great and was delivered in a very engaging way. The products hit the spot as well!
I took this on Saturday after taking a few virtual tours with this company- I thought it was great. The host was superb, really gave an interesting insight into the world of CBD. A great presentation

Great experience with high quality products and a really knowledgeable host, Fez, with interesting anecdotes about the history of the role of endocannabinoids. The host was also great at engaging us as a group remotely. I now feel more confident to use CBD to support my wellbeing.

I received 3 x 30mg CBD drinks. 2 x 20mg CBD patches and 1 x 700mg total CBD & vitamin D immunity spray.

Thank you so much, would highly recommend

Chill the drinks! It was an informative and interesting history, followed by how to use the products and really a championing of help for mental health. We thought it was fantastic. Great value for money

Enjoy a bumper pack of edible CBD goodies, sent to your home. From fizzy drinks to patches. Join your host on a date of your choice to learn about the products, walk you through them.  Talk to you about the rich history of CBD in the human civilisation.  From early hemp growth, to recent advanced chemical isolation.

Whatever your ailment, or perhaps you’re just super curious, join us in the world of CBD where natural calm is top of the agenda.  It’s a time of high anxiety, it’s great we’re talking about mental health, it’s time to get together and talk solutions.

Not suitable for the pregnant.

What to expect on this amazing experience

  • Tuck into a generous array of CBD edibles, worth over £30
  • You’ll receive 5 items in total, these will include a selection of the following:-
    • 3 Fizzy Drinks
    • Pack of 4 CBD Patches
    • CBD Oral Spray
    • CBD Capsules
  • Learn about the history of Cannabis
  • Learn about the benefits and uses of CBD

Other key facts & info:

Price: £35.00
60 minutes
Time: The event will last 60 minutes. It will take place every Saturday evening at 7pm. You will need to provide your delivery address and allow time to receive the pack, sent by Royal Mail 1st class before joining.

CBD Distributor: Cannacares.
Minimum age: 
16 is recommended, although ultimately it is up to the parent or guardian.

Group sizes: 25 maximum

What to bring: Simply show up with an open mind! You’ll need to have received your CBD picnic first, however.

Next steps:

Once you’re booked in, you’ll receive an email with a Zoom link. Make sure you download the Zoom app in advance. Simply select your tour and language and wait for the show to begin! If you have any questions about our CBD Experience, feel free to drop us a line at any time via email or Facebook, or give us a ring. 

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