British Espionage Tour




70 mins



Listen carefully, I will only say this once. You are invited, civilian, to the height of charm, intrigue and debonair. To take part in a top secret tour of British espionage and high class spies in London, where nothing is as it seems. 

Join us as we embark (undercover, naturally) through London and learn about its rich history of treachery, subterfuge and infamous double agents.

We will be starting the tour at one of the most sophisticated streets of London, Savile Row, (virtually of course) so dress to impress with a martini glass to hand, as we glide past secretive spy locations through history. If you’re under 18 make sure your apple juice is shaken and not stirred. 

Learn about the incredible history of code breaking in London, while cracking a few codes of our own.

Visit movie and inspiration locations from famous film and book franchises such as James Bond, Kingsmen and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and uncover the very real history behind the sophistication. 

Your mission will be to take part in the interactive spy games of our own, and it wouldn’t be a See Your City tour with an espionage quiz with prizes, but just don’t let the other guys double cross you. 

Finish at the birthplace of one of the most secretive organisations in London, GCHQ. 

Come armed with your own preferred codename.

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