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70 mins



Solve the case in our interactive theatre show

The year is 1958. A brutal murder of a federal state officer has taken place in an apartment block 3 rows down from Times Square. The police have arrested one young man who was found at the scene of the crime. The young man claims to be innocent. Eyewitness reports and the NYPD believe otherwise. It’s his word against the state’s. The decision is down to the Jury….The decision is down to YOU! 

…your chance has arrived with the online jury experience 12 Angry Guests, a gripping virtual game that invites you to weigh the evidence, listen to eyewitness statements, and decide whether a man is guilty of the murder he’s been accused of….

This is so awesome! And so wonderful for entertainment and connecting virtually during these times! It’s interactive as you get to go head to head with the witnesses and suspect, you are a part of the show! Something fun to do with your friends too if you all sign up for the same show!! Will definitely be back to check out the other shows and events! Thank you cast and crew of See Your City!
Absolutely brilliant. Really enjoyed it. Officer Kip our host and all the actors and actresses were amazing. Would highly recommend
20 of us took part in this as a private booking as a “work social” – it was excellent. Really well acted, put together, and the characters ensure the attendees all play a part.
See your city are great!
I took part in this experience tonight. It sounded like something fun to do in a time when there’s not much to do in regards to entertainment. I love theatre and immersive theatre, so I decided to give this a go. I was not disappointed….(more)
Absolutely brilliant and the guy who played officer kip was fantastic. A good laugh on a sunday night and would definitely recommend.
Very fun evening and well organised. Officer Kip kept his cool whilst being repeatedly accused of committing the murder himself….. amazing wit and input from other zoom participants resulting in a very entertaining evening. Keep up the great work guys.
Great fun. Well organised and presented. Not only did we see the evidence, hear witnesses, we had chance to cross examine and vote on our decision. More please.
My autistic son attended this event as he is very keen on murder mysteries and crime drama
He said it was the best online event he had ever attended and would give it 10/10… (more)
Great experience anf fantastic idea especially now during lockdown when we cannot participate in person
Really enjoyed this show, thought it was an innovative idea superbly acted and great value for money. Very very impressed
Just finished tonight’s performance and we loved it! Really fun with great plot and acting. My only improvement note would be to give more explanation about the ending. While there are bits which came out during the show, I’d love to have the whole picture outlined as a sort of debrief. That being said, 5 stars, 100% recommend.
Fun, interactive and set at a good pace. The online jury event lasted around two hours and involved listening to evidence from key witnesses. Participants were put into teams and asked to consider W guilty/non guilty verdict. You can chat to your fellow jurors throughout which helps the flow of the game.
Really interactive and actors were great too.
Good activity for group or individuals. We did this with my teenage daughter.
THis was best online murder mystery I have done. It was very clever. I really especially like the acting and the game. We got it wrong, which was annoying haha. Am definitely going again!
Did this show on Saturday, wonderfully imaginative. The actors were great.I’m booked in for the custody suite next. Keep up the good work.
Excellent show. Really enjoyed as did my brother. Booked for the custody suite next.
Very interesting idea, thumbs up for creativity.

You are hereby summoned by the New York County Supreme court to appear for Jury Service. This will be the most important civic role you will perform so listen carefully, study the evidence, cross-examine the suspect and, ultimately, decide your verdict. But make sure you are certain, as the fate of this man’s life is in your hands.

Your jury duties in our virtual murder mystery event: 

  • Cross examine eyewitnesses and the suspect LIVE
  • Dissect the evidence, including bloodied t shirts and the murder weapon
  • Discuss and deliberate your decision with fellow jurors
  • Come to a unanimous verdict as a group

Other key facts & info:

Price: £10.00
70 minutes
Time: Our virtual murder mystery evening takes places at 9pm every night. Alternatively, if you’d like to book a private party for a time that suits you, simply get in contact.
Minimum age: 
12 is recommended, although ultimately it is up to the parent or guardian.

Cancellations: If for any reason you want to cancel your ticket, please do so up to 24 hours beforehand for a full refund. 

What to bring: Simply show up with a curious mind! A VR kit is not necessary, although you may want a notepad and pen to jot down any potential clues.

Next steps:

Once you’re booked in, you’ll receive an email with a Zoom link. Make sure you download the Zoom app in advance. Simply select your tour and language and wait for the show to begin! If you have any questions about our virtual ghost tour of London, feel free to drop us a line at any time via email or Facebook, or give us a ring. 

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