The Ultimate Guide To Unusual Gift Ideas

Let’s face it, the best birthday or Christmas gifts aren’t snazzy Rolex watches, or the latest iPhone, but those that form unforgettable and lasting memories. We’re talking about the kind of presents that create ‘you had to be there’ inside jokes or inspire a smile at the most unlikely moments – whether that’s in the midst of washing up or during a never-ending work meeting! You know, those kinds!

With that in mind, we think it’s time to forget gifting fleeting material ‘things’ and stuff to show! Instead, why not make birthdays and Christmas’s extra special by gifting the gift of stories to tell? Here at See Your City, we offer a wide range of weird, wonderful, and unique tours that are bound to excite, scare, and surprise your loved ones! Better yet, they’re available in 6 languages -French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian.

So, if you’re seeking out a present for a special occasion that’s a little bit alternative, quirky and, not forgetting, heartfelt, why not browse our unusual gift ideas guide below? From food fans to history buffs to TV lovers, we’ve got you covered!

Gifts For Film Lovers

Is there anything better than immersing yourself in the world of film? Be it an action-packed Arnie Schwarzenegger blockbuster, one of the Harry Potter films or a classic from the old Hollywood era, settling down with some salty popcorn, pic ‘n’ mix and a healthy dose of suspense is all part of the magic of movies. How can you gift that real movie experience to your cinema loving friends and family though?

Our film tour of London will go down a treat with the film fanatics in your family or friendship groups. Choose between our virtual or walking tour, where you’ll visit all the London locations that have been privy to award-winning scenes. We haven’t forgotten you lovely lot up north either, we have a film tour of Edinburgh too. Why not gift a loved one this experience? They can expect plenty of laughs and will have their unbeatable film knowledge put to the test! 

And remember, if you don’t want to use your gift card just yet – that’s perfectly fine! Save it for an extra special date (May the 4th, Star Wars fans?) or simply for a sunny day in the UK (we can all dream). Our gift cards for all See Your City tours are valid for a whole year!

Group of people at Diagon Alley or Cecil Court on a film tour of London.

Gifts For Food Lovers

Gifts For Cheese Lovers 

Cheese, glorious cheese! Everything just tastes better with the addition of cheese – are we right? Spag bol, check. Chilli, check. Nachos, check, Toasties, check. We could go on all day! But we won’t do that because we want you to learn more about the ultimate gift for cheese lovers…

Our epic Cheese Crawl of the UK, which is available in 5 UK cities (London, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh), is perfect for fans of feta, those who are mad about mozzarella or Camembert Kings and Queens! On this tour, they can expect to indulge in some serious cheese and wine tasting, understand more about the whole cheese-making process and have their knowledge tested in our cheese trivia quiz!

Gifts For Chocolate Lovers 

Simply gifting a Toblerone or tub of Roses to the Chocoholic in your life doesn’t require much imagination, does it now? If you want to present your choc-fiend friend or family member with something a bit more thoughtful, and a Christmas gift experience that you can enjoy with them, then you’ll love our Chocolate crawl of London

Starting out in swanky Soho, you can expect to tuck into some seriously sweet Choco treats. From there, we’ll trot along to Mayfair to sample some of London’s best champagne truffles at Fortnum & Masons legendary confectionery counter. Lah-de-dah! By the end of the tour, the mix of cocoa, sugar and spending time with your favourite people will leave you with an almighty high! 

Gifts For Theatre Lovers & TV Watchers

Theatre and the West End is the cultural backbone of our lovely London capital. Whilst 2020’s been a tough year for the arts, many of us want the show to go on! So, if a bit of razzle-dazzle or sonnets by the Bard are likely to appeal to your loved one, they’ll enjoy our gifts for theatre lovers.

At See Your City, we have a wide range of virtual theatrical experiences. Most recently, we launched the ‘Scrooge’s Quest: The Christmas Carol’, an interactive, virtual quest of Dickensian London, this makes for a fun and unusual gift for the whole family pre-Christmas. Just be warned though, there might be a few Christmas ghosts of the past lurking about! Other theatrical tours include Shakespeare’s Italy, in which you can see the places that featured in the playwright’s masterpieces, and 12 Angry Guests, where it’s your job as the jury to solve a murder!

Last but, by no means, least, we have a great gift idea for tv watchers and Netflix fans. Netflix is, in its own way, a home-from-home theatre! And, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock this past year, it will have been hard to avoid the mind-blowingly bizarre Netflix documentary that was Tiger King. Why not present a bunch of mates with the unusual gift (and crazy experience) of our Tiger King tour? Together, you’ll need to uncover who set fire to Joe Exotic’s wildlife park. Will it be that b***h Carole Baskin who’s to blame?!

Man putting his hand in a tiger’s mouth.

Gifts For History Buffs

Finally, if you’re a bit over giving the history buff in your life autobiographies of past politicians, or DVDs about the world wars, then we have something a bit different you can gift them for Christmas and birthdays this year.  

Why not indulge them and their love of history by joining them on one of our historical tours? More specifically, our Jack the Ripper walking tour is the perfect gift for history buffs. They’ll get to visit key East London locations where Jack the Rippers fateful victims saw their end. Not only that, but they’ll also learn about the victims forgotten by history books and examine all the gruesome evidence. A virtual version of this tour is available too, meaning your loved one can play sleuth from the comfort of their armchair!

So, what do you think?! Will you be gifting your friends and family an experience this year? Why not book one of our weird and wonderful tours at See Your City? There’s a reason why we’ve had thousands of 5-star reviews! We guarantee, there will be lots of laughs, special moments and priceless memories created in the process!