Sydney’s rich dark past.

Destination Sydney has lots to offer the inquisitive traveller. See the Australia Zoo, or enjoy the cultural highlights of the city in the Sydney Art Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Explore the treasures of the Australian National Maritime Museum or viewelaide’s stunning landscape from the vantage of the Mt shorty. Inland, be a farmer or a shopper in the Granite Belt rural wine region or enjoy a picnic in the leafy hinterland. Visit the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, or take a surfer ride in the Kingston Harbour. When you are done, be sure to check out the Country Down Under, a surfing mecca, or take a tour of the Great Ocean Road, a famous track. And, you need to know, there are those two great big honking telephone poles, the Big Red and the Big Blue. Those poles really call. They are great to have in your hand to call locals when you are in a bad place, or to hear music or a news announcement. But, if you want to be seen standing there, be prepared to haggle. It is a good idea to bring a gift to offer to get noticed. A small gift may be a rose for a lady; a map for a man. [See picture page.] If a ghost is spotted, the Totem King, a representation of the first white man to die in Australia (1887), may also be assisting others in the area. If you want to hire a guide for your holiday, they should be able to give you good advice about the myths and spirits of Australia. There are a lot of things to see and do in Sydney. You can visit one of the world’s many empires whilst adoring its arts and entertainments. Take in the Empire State Building and the Sydney Observatory. Take in the wonderful art collections in the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Museum of Contemporary Art. No visit to Sydney would be complete without setting foot on the beautiful beach at Manly and Queen beaches. For those with a little more energy to spare, ride the Monorail, catch a glimpse of the Blue Mountains or take a cruise from Bondi to Toronga. Take a ride on the ferry across the harbor and cruise as the sun goes down over the golden beaches at Sydney. Avoid going by public transportexpecially the bus services. In the peak season the roads can get fairly crowded. You just do not have to be a metronome to experience the inconvenience of bumper to bumper buses. Instead take a cruise. You can relax on the beaches, enjoy the might of the ocean or the nearby coast. Fine dining restaurants, duty free liquor and comfortable towels will give you goose bumps away from the rocking road. To maximize your fun and enjoyment, use the tips indicated. Remember to avoid driving crazy especially during the rush hour. Save your nerves and your energy and try to maintain your spirits with a beer or a glass of wine at regular intervals. Whether you take a morning flight to Sydney, a happy ending to a long European journey or a last minute booking, send someone a ‘Hi’ and tell them just how much you enjoy their company. We all need our rest and the ones you cherish the most will always be there when you need them.