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Party in the park – London’s Finest

Ruins of an old, glass palace? Check. 60s-era sports complex including proper, upper-league English football stadium? Check. Maze? Check. London is officially one of the greenest cities in the UK, with 23% of its land area covered by parks. And far from being barren stretches of muddy grass, with burnt patches for disposable barbeques and […]

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Ljubljana, a future tourist destination for Europeans?

with plane tickets at £30 from London Gatwick, and prices to stay at £10-£15 a night, why not explore this city? Before this trip, I had never heard of Ljubljana, and knew very little about the history and culture of Slovenia. When it comes to European destinations generally the consensus is that the major tourist […]

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The London Skyline: How to get the top views, without paying top dollar!

Looking up is all well and good, but sometimes you want to see it all at once and get a real feel for the grandeur that is London’s architecture.

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The best ice cream in London: from avocado and plum to bee pollen and marshmallow

London is famous for its grey skies and rainy weather, so going out for ice cream might not be one of the first things that springs to mind for any visitor to the Old Smoke – but when we are gifted with sunshine, there’s really nothing better!

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A day in the life of our very own Hagrid!

My day starts as perfectly normal as all of you, wake up, eat, shower, shampoo condition and oil my beard. My life however is far from normal. For as long as I can remember the magic of cinema (see what I did there) has fascinated me.

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Tour Guide Tips

There’s so much history and richness in this city, SYC offer a few different products that encompass so much more than their title describes.

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London – a tour guide’s perspective.

Walking around London is like rewatching your favourite film over and over. You rediscover parts you’d forgotten, you remember why you’d loved it in the first place and you learn something new every single time you do it.

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