Best Of: the Northern Line

Of all the tube lines, the Northern may just well be the daddy. The thick black line on your tube map easily boasts the best trivia of them all. Papa Northern Line runs straight through the longest tube tunnel, hugs the deepest track, serves the station with most escalators as well as the station that first used electric tracks. Impressed? And just so you know, they are Hampstead and Oval respectively.

The Northern Line also reaches the highest point in altitude on the entire tube map and has more underground stations than any other line in London. If this wasn’t thrilling enough, Finchley Central is also home to one of the original tube maps – a design classic, and a plaque on the station wall gives you a bit more info about the man behind the map too.

Some points to look out for:

Tufnell park – poetry corner

Quite a famous one – often tweeted from cramped conditions. Locals, schoolkids and station staff are among some quite big names who contribute to the  entertaining board. Kept regularly updated to keep commuters spirits high and thoughts provoked.

Clapham – saaaf London on the Northern Line.

More than a beautiful common, there are some great pubs in the area and a lot to see. There are two small ‘villages’ that are worth exploring and some lovely shops.  In the evenings, Clapham can sometimes resemble a trashy TV show about teenagers going on holiday without their parents, and being sick in their shoes. At other times, it can be one of the more beautiful spots in the city – there;s always something happening in the common, or new shops opening and an absolutely wonderful bakery only 5 minutes from the tube station.

Central Stations – Incredible views.

The Charing Cross branch serves some of London’s most touristy spots – most within walking distance of each other.

You could get off at Charing Cross and see the sights of Trafalgar Square, 2 minutes away from Leicester Square and some fantastic places: The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, Old Scotland Yard, Covent Garden – as well as some great bars and restaurants. You’re minytes away from the mall and Buckingham Palace, you’re not far from the river and embankment pier, you’re just across the Thames from the London Eye and the very famous South Bank. You’re just next to Soho, the British Museum and a wealth of London’s best attractions – an entire day awaits you once you come up to ground level.

London Bridge – Incredible foods.

The Northern line serves Borough, London Bridge and Waterloo – all a lovely walk away from Borough Food Market. Borough Food Market is centuries old and serves up, in my opinion, the best food in London. You’re seconds away from fantastic pubs, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the Golden Hinde and the Old Operating Theatre – there’s loads to do. God Bless you Northern Line.

Camden – Foods, Booze and Zoos.

If Borough Food market sorted you out for lunch, why not jump straight back underground and head Northern Line up to Camden.

Camden Market is world famous. Head to the locks for a host of vintage shops, fantastic street food and an overwhelming sense of culture. Once the sun goes down, you can hear the restaurant tables sliding away and the dancing begin. There are some great bars, clubs and pubs in Camden and some just as good fast food for the late night tube journey home. I regularly spend entire days in Camden, followed by great nights out.

If none of these places have floated your boat, or submerged your tube, you’re only a short walk from Regent’s park and London Zoo, Hampstead heath and a wonderful pint in the sun (hopefully).