About us

Early beginnings…

See Your City is the brainchild of myself, Ferry and lifelong friend, Frankie. It feels like forever ago, but we first had the idea in 2017 – we grew up in York, but had both been living in London for a few years by then. We both just fell in love with the city, and made a list of all the things we love about it – we decided to launch See Your City and take our own spin on the tourism industry. 

Since then, we have opened up in Edinburgh (another city very close to my heart) and of course – we had to – York!

We have both worked as tour guides and other London attractions in the past, and between us we have 14 years’ experience. It feels great to be doing it now and following our own vision. 

Virtual Tours

We had often spoken about creating some virtual experiences, but it was really the COVID crisis that pushed us into it. The health and safety of our staff and customers is always our top priority, and there came a point where we just didn’t think operating tours was the socially responsible thing to do any more – we cancelled all of our walking tours a few days before the Lockdown was announced (of course, we refunded all cancelled tours in full). 

We had some excellent footage of our route, courtesy of one of our guides. We asked out guides who would be interested in working on the virtuals, and then with this smaller team we started training and rolled out on the 27th March. The response has been amazing!


We have been operating for 6 years now, so we are still in the early stages of our business. We are incredibly lucky to have such exceptional people working for us, that have helped us get our business up and running – our guides have put the same enthusiasm and professionalism into the virtuals as they have always done with the walking tours. We are always looking for new products or tour ideas, who knows what the future holds! But really, we do feel very lucky and privileged to have such an awesome team working alongside us

a 360 perspective of London.

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